A good quality dog boarding kennel must offer your furry friend a good, fun to stay. Boarding kennels are the social places where your dog socialises with the other dogs and plays with them and plays joyfully. Getting the best dog boarding kennels in Manchester for your dog is a tricky one. This blog will help you find the best qualities that suit your four-legged friend.

The Qualities of the Dog Boarding Kennels Need to be Looked for

The Safe Environment of the Dog Kennel

It would be best to dig deeper with the right questions when selecting the day boarding for your dog. By touring the kennels, you will check where the pups sleep and where they spend their daytime in the absence of their owners.

Here are the following safety factors that should be considered:

  • Disinfection: A top-notch kennel will have thorough cleaning practices that guarantee it is hygienic and clean for pets. The building needs to be adequately ventilated with a fresh air exchange system to eliminate any odours.   
  • Anti-skidding Flooring: Non-slipping flooring will prevent your pups from injuries. These floorings are easily sanitised. For heavy-duty cleaning, proper drainage is required in the flooring.
  • Safe Accommodation: The kennel must be completely secured. Every entrance must have two gates, which will prevent sneaky escape.

Ensure the Daycare or the Kennel Offers Guided Activities

It is important to learn about the activities set for your dogs. To avoid boredom and anxiety, all dogs require daily activities in abundance. These activities include walking outside, brain games, improved behaviour between playtime, and training.

Look for Grooming and Training Boarding Kennels

Dog boarding kennels in Manchester provide additional services like grooming and training. A dog will have a great time when it is away from you. Your dog can get the chance to become used to the employees and the surroundings at a boarding kennel that also provides dog daycare. These will help to lessen any tension and anxiety of your furry friend.

Ensure you leave your dog in the hands of the staff, who looks at their needs and requirements individually. You can greatly reduce your stress by picking the best kennel. When you are looking for the best daycare or dog kennel, Nursery Farm Boarding Kennels, we are the one you are looking for. Do get in touch with us to book the stay of your dog.