Are you going on a holiday, leaving your furry friend behind? It’s quite a difficult task for a pet parent. You need to ensure the happiness of your dog even when you are not with them. This is the time you should find the best dog boarding kennels in Manchester. They can give the best care to your dog, from food to entertainment activities. Dogs often have separation anxiety when they are separated from their owners, and hence they require more attention. Let’s dive deeper into the subject below.

Key Steps to Find a Boarding Kennel for Dogs

  • Research

You need to conduct proper research first before visiting a boarding kennel. Check out some good options, and don’t rush to the first one that comes into the picture. Make comparisons among them to understand the types of their services. When researching the kennels, you must also consider your dog’s personality and requirements. 

  • Visit the Kennel

Before making a decision, make an appointment with the kennel to check everything personally. You cannot just send your dog without understanding the type of people they have employed, whether they are kind enough to handle a dog. This is important to ensure your dog doesn’t feel uncomfortable going there. Choose the boarding kennel that can make them feel at home.

  • Arrange a Short Stay Beforehand

You don’t know the way your dog will react when surrounded by strange people and other dogs. This is why you need to arrange a short stay-for example, for a day. This will help you make an informed decision about your fluffy pooch. Check whether they serve food timely and what other activities they have to engage dogs.

  • Food

You can ask the kennel about the brands and types of food they serve to dogs. Your dog may have certain dislikes or specific brand preferences. So, this will help you learn whether they will serve that type of food. But, let us be clear that food isn’t a big issue as you can also pack your dog’s favourite food along when sending them to a kennel. 

  • Cleanliness

No pet parent would love sending their pooch to a dirty, unorganised kennel. You must check the condition of the kennel and the cleanliness to ensure that the stay is neat and well-maintained.

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