Stress, loneliness, and anxiety are emotional feelings that are not limited to human beings. Other animals may also harbour these reactions, especially if they are close to a specific person or a setting. They might show these when taken from this familiar environment.

Look for a Comfortable Stay for Your Pet:

The situation described above can happen between you and your dog. If you travel frequently, you might have no choice but to keep them in a boarding kennel in Manchester. While they will receive the best treatment and care from professionals, your little friend will still miss the comfort of their usual settings.

Ways to Reduce Anxiety of Your Dog in Boarding Kennels:

If your pet feels lonely in a new setting, they might soon feel isolated and separated. However, with some practical ways, you can still remain connected during their stay at the new place. More about this is discussed in the following part.

  • Give More Efforts in Packing their Bags: When you send your canine friend to a dog boarding, you will surely equip them with their usual belongings. This means you have to put more effort into packing their bags. Store all the essentials, like grooming kits and prescribed medications. Brief the facility manager about the dosage of those medicines. You can also sneak in one of your clothes, pillows, or soft toys to make them feel at home.
  • Devise an Anxiety Management Plan: Along with physical wellness, you are also responsible for your pet’s mental health. Therefore, you must choose a kennel or a dog boarding that gives importance to the animal’s psychological well-being. Communicate with the director or the facility manager about your dog’s fears and anxiety. Ask them for their available anxiety management plans when the pet reacts severely due to loneliness or separation.
  • Talk With the Management: Loneliness can affect a dog, especially if you are away for days. After a few days, they may feel homesick. To tackle this, you should communicate with your dog daily. Ask the management to let you talk to your pet via video calls or other modes. This will help them relax and encourage them to follow their daily routine.

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