Before planning a trip, you must ensure that your dog is safe, happy, and well cared for. Selecting a boarding facility for your pet is the best thing you can do under these circumstances. There are lots of dog boarding kennels in Manchester. However, you also need to prepare your four-legged friend before your kennel stay. You have to adopt a few tactics that will make the stay comfortable for your furry friend.

Tips to Prepare Your Dog for Kennel Stay

Pet boarding is an essential practice for responsible ownership. Although you may feel sad leaving your furry friend at a boarding facility, it’s the only option if you have no other options. During the stay, your dog will have the opportunity to socialise with other dogs.

Below are the strategies you should adopt before keeping your dog at a kennel:

  1. Conduct Research: You need to research different boarding facilities to find one that addresses your requirements. Choose a pet care home that suits your dog’s preferences. Seek reviews and recommendations from trusted sources to arrive at an informed decision.
  2. Visit the Kennel: Familiarising yourself with the kennel environment and staff is important. By visiting the dog kennel, you can learn a lot about these aspects. It also helps to reduce your dog’s anxiety and stress levels. You can also assess the quality of the kennel.
  3. Health Check-up: Before boarding, a health check-up is necessary to guarantee your four-legged friend is in good health. Adopt all the measures so that your dog can board the kennel safely. Get updated on their vaccinations and make sure they are free from any diseases.
  4. Check the Kennel’s Food Options: Probe into the kennel’s food options and assess whether the food is healthy and safe to consume. Don’t force your dogs to make any dietary changes before boarding.
  5. Pack Necessities and Familiar Items: When packing for your dog’s kennel stay, focus on essentials like medication, food, bowls, and a collar. You can also bring dog food from home if the kennel allows it. At the same time, pack your dog’s medicines according to the duration of their stay.

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