Dog Boarding Kennels Manchester, Prescot, near St Helens

At Nursery Farm Boarding Kennels, your dog’s comfort always comes first. We can cater for most breeds with our range of spacious kennels. Whatever your requirements for your pets accommodations are, we have the facilities to meet your needs.

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Safe and homely kennels for your canine companion

When you bring your dog in for a stay with us, we will take down his or her personal details. Please ensure you bring along the following:

  • Vaccination card details
  • Dietary requirements
  • Your vet's details
  • Correct contact details while you are away
All these details will be stored on our database, so you can enjoy your holiday in the knowledge that your pet is being well looked after.All dogs must be fully vaccinated and an up-to-date vaccination card must be provided on arrival. Any vaccinations must be completed at least 14 days prior to arrival. There is no compromise on this. We do not insist on the kennel cough vaccine.Please remember that no vaccines are 100% guaranteed, so no responsibility will be taken by Nursery Farm Kennels for any illness that may arise during your pet’s stay with us. Please click onto our vaccination page for more information.All guests must be fully vaccinated.

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Vaccinations for Dogs

Vaccinations teach the immune system to recognise and respond quickly to certain infections before they can cause serious illness. They contain harmless strains of the viruses and bacteria that your dog needs protection against.Most of the diseases that are vaccinated against have no specific cure, and treatment can only support the animal before its immune system can hopefully fight off the disease.Vaccinations are usually first used in pups from six weeks of age, generally a double dose of vaccine is given 2 – 4 weeks apart and then every year a single booster injection is given to keep their immunity at fully protective levels.It is essential that your pup is fully vaccinated before coming into contact with other dogs as they may be carriers of the disease.Most vaccines are given by injection into the scruff of the neck; kennel cough vaccine is usually given as nasal drops. Kennel cough occurs mostly in dogs that congregate together in places like parks, kennels and even your vets, or basically anywhere.All vaccination cards will need to be seen before any dog can be accepted into the kennels, these must be fully up to date and filled in correctly with the pets name current home address with the owner’s name.All vaccinations must have been completed no less than 14 days prior to boarding. We do not insist on the kennel cough vaccine, but do highly recommend it especially during the summer months.If your dog does have the vaccination, it must be given no less than 14 days prior to boarding otherwise he or she may not be accepted.If you require any advice on vaccinations or you are unsure of anything to do with boarding at our kennels, please give us a call.Kennel cough vaccine is not 100% guaranteed to fully protect you dog – we take no responsibility for any dogs that may contract kennel cough whilst in our care.Kennel cough is transmitted through the air or by direct contact Stress in kennels can suppress the immune system increasing susceptibility to the disease.Whilst animals boarding at these kennels receive every care and attention they are always boarded at their owners own risk and we cannot accept any responsibility for any problems caused through stress / ill health arising from their visit.

Before Accommodation

Each guest will be taken for a walk on our own private exercise field to help put them at ease. All our kennel blocks are fully heated throughout the winter months, and are lovely and cool in summer.


We cater for most dietary needs and we stock a wide selection of wet and dry foods. Any special veterinary food or food that we cannot purchase from our wholesalers, we ask you as the owners to supply. If you wish for your dog to have fresh chicken, tuna or pasta added into their diet, we can supply those for you at an extra cost of £1.50 per portion, (or you are welcome to supply your own.)Please inform us if your dog is not allowed any treat, as we like to hand these out to our guests at bed time. All food bowls are sanitised daily and fresh water is always available.

General health and well being

If your dog will allow us, they will be given a daily check, (ears eyes and bums etc) , and cleaned as and when necessary. We also offer a bath and blow dry starting from £5.00. Please book on day of arrival.Any existing medication requirements will be continued if needed during their stay with us. We will gladly administer this, providing your dog will allow us, without resistance, and that it may be given by one of our kennel staff, who are non-veterinary trained. There is however a medication charge starting at but not limited to £1.00 per day, depending on the amount and the number of times the medication must be given. Medication will only be administered between the hours of 08:00 AM and 05:00 PM.We also need to know of any health issues, no matter how trivial or unimportant you think they may be. This would include problems with joints / stiffness, and any tender areas that they don’t like being touched, itchy skin eye or ear infections etc.Whilst your dog is staying with us, if we notice anything that concerns us or doesn’t seem quite right, we will call out our vet. This could result in a vet’s bill and transport costs. These may be problems that you are aware of and are of no immediate concern, so please be truthful with us.We no longer pay the vet directly. If your pet does need any veterinary treatment whilst in our care, we advise that your emergency contact has the facility to do this on your behalf.We always do our best to contact you before any treatment is carried out.99% of the time, a vet is not required.We reserve the right to refuse admittance into our kennels if we think your dog is in ill health. Please read our terms and conditions.


As long as your dog will allow us to walk them, he or she will be exercised daily on our own private field in Prescot, near St Helens. There, they are able to meet and say hello to our other guests. Dogs are always kept on a lead and never allowed to get too close to each other; this eliminates any doggy disagreements and still allows them to socialise

Behaviour and temperament

Please feel free to have a chat with us about any problems you may be concerned about.

  • Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety?
  • Is she / he destructive in any way?
  • Does she / he bark excessively or are they likely to nip or bite?
You know your dog better than us, so please, when you call to have a look around, feel free to ask for a specific kennel to suit your dog’s needs. We will always do our very best to accommodate your wishes – we cannot always guarantee this so please book early.Boarding of certain dogs may be refused for:1. Safety of other dogs in our care 2. Safety of our staff 3. Safety of your own dogThis will always be decided on your dog’s temperament and ability to settle into a kennel environment.