If you travel a lot due to your professional commitment, you might find difficulties in taking care of your pet. It becomes more challenging when you have to look after a dog.

Contact a Well Known Dog Boarding Kennel:

No matter how long you are away from home, you need not worry about your pet’s well-being. You can always contact your nearby dog boarding kennels in Manchester. Here, you can be assured of proper care of your innocent friend, thanks to the availability of the experts. However, when you bring them to a kennel for the first time, they may not seem at ease.

What Can Calm Your Dog at a New Setting:

Pack the bags properly to ensure your dog’s comfortable stay at a boarding kennel. Certain things can make your dog feel at home and stay calm. We point them out below.

  • Medication and Supplements:

You should inform the facility manager if your dog is currently on any medicine or supplements. They would be more than happy to administer those medicines as required. Brief them about the correct dosage, which can keep your pet healthy even when you are far from them. In addition to regular medication, you can ask the manager to provide certain medicines in an emergency.

  • Favourite Toys:

Doggy daycares are generally well-equipped with different toys and treats. However, you should not shy away from packing the favourite toys that your canine friend loves the most. These can act as a channel for relaxation and will help the manager to bond with your pet faster.

  • Items Reminding of Home:

This is a vital tip that can help your dog feel closer even in your absence. Add certain items that carry your scent can calm your dog down whenever they are stressed. Include a blanket, a T-shirt or even a sock. As the owner, you know well about the items that can reduce your pet’s stress in a new environment.

These are some ways to make your dog feel at home while being cared for by others. If you are looking for the best facility to take care of your innocent pet, contact a reliable source. Visit Nursery Farm Boarding Kennels, a family-owned dog boarding kennel in Manchester. With our experts, you can rest assured about your dog’s proper care while away. For additional information, you can browse our website.