Pet collection services in the Prescot and St Helens areas

Sometimes you may not have the time to drop your pet off at our boarding facility, we can arrange for them to be picked up from your doorstep. We are based in Prescot and serve clients in St Helens and the surrounding areas. Contact us for additional details.

            Pet Collection

Safe and homely kennels for your canine companion

This service is offered on our behalf by The Pet Collector – a bespoke animal transport company offering a first-class door-to-door service. This is the only pet collection service Nursery Farm Kennels uses. The service is owned and run by Mr Lester Preston who also offers other animal related services. Please ask for further details.

If you would like to use this service, you would need to book it separately from your kennel booking. We also need to see your dog’s/cat’s vaccination certification before they are collected. This is to help you to relax knowing everything is in order and to prevent any last minute surprises! Full payment for boarding is also required up-front as we don’t allow the pet collector to carry money on our behalf for safety and security reasons.

Please inform us when booking your pet in with us that you intend to use this service.

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Nursery Farm Boarding Kennels can arrange for pet collection, call our friendly staff in Prescot today.

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