Planning an outing without a pet can be stressful for pet owners. Where should you keep your dog? This question will bother you from day one when planning the trip. Considering the nature of your pet, you can select between two safe options – pet sitting or dog boarding kennels. 

Pet sitting involves hiring a pet sitter who can either be your neighbour, relative or a professional and leave the dog with the person under the comforts of home. On the contrary, dog boarding kennels are like a home away from the home where the dog will be treated with care and kept safe until you return. 

Although you’ll come across various dog boarding kennels in Manchester, many people also consider the dog-sitting option. Which one is more reliable and relevant? To know the same, check out the differences. 

Difference between dog sitting and dog boarding 

Environment and Surroundings

Dog sitting allows the dog to stay comfortably in the known premises and comforts of the home. For older and shy dogs, dog sitting is a more convenient option. On the other hand, dog boarding is a better option for socially active and young dogs as they can interact with other dogs and will not miss the owner.

Learning Facilities

Unlike a dog-sitting arrangement, your pet will surely learn a few good habits in dog boarding. Boarding facilities follow a structured routine and get the pet in sync. You can expect a positive change in the behaviour when the dog returns from boarding. On the contrary, a pet sitter will remain preoccupied with their work while you’re away. They will only cater to the basic needs of your dog. Don’t expect your dog to learn something new from the pet sitter. 

Emergency Medical Facilities 

Since you’re away from the state, you will be in trouble if any medical emergencies arise for your dog. Hence, it is feasible to leave the dog with boarding kennels. They have an in-house vet who can attend to emergencies and prescribe medications. However, if you leave the dog with a dog sitter, they might need to be trained more to provide proper medications to the dog. 

Regarding safety and professionalism, dog boarding kennels are a better option than dog sitters. If you’re looking for reliable dog boarding kennels in Manchester, then Nursery Farm Boarding Kennels is your one-stop destination. To know more, check our website.