Are you planning a trip abroad? Where are you planning to leave your nervous furry friend? Staying away from the pet parent can be a constant source of anxiety for the pets. To ensure a stress-free accommodation for your loved dog, check a few things before leaving them at a dog boarding kennel.

There are many dog boarding kennels in Manchester; however, finding the best one for your nervous pet can be difficult. Ensure you check all details minutely before placing your fur friend in the dog boarding kennel. 

How do you Make a Stress-free Experience for Nervous Pets in Dog Boarding Kennels?

Check the Facilities Beforehand 

For a nervous dog, selection has to be made carefully. Look for a dog boarding kennel specialising in caring for anxious and shy dogs. These types of kennels have specially trained people who can care for nervous and anxious dogs. They have experience in handling such pets. Also, ensure the facility has a calm environment so the anxious dog remains patient. 

Highlight the Dog’s Needs

Before finalising the dog boarding kennel, make sure you discuss the nature and preferences of the dog with the facility. If your dog has any specific habits, inform the facility so that they can take proper care of them. Also, discuss the anxiety and impatience issues that might be present in your dog. 

Opt for a Trial Stay 

If your dog is an anxious pet with severe issues, a trial stay is a great option. After finalising the boarding kennel, you can keep your pet in the facility for two days. This will help you understand the condition of the pet while they are present in the kennel. 

Check the Availability of Medicines and Supplements

Please consult with the doctor and get anti-anxiety medications for the pet before handing them over to the boarding. Nervous dogs have specifications not only in medicines but also in terms of food habits. Inform the boarding about the same. They will arrange for the medicines and supplements so that your pet stays comfortably in the boarding facility. 

Give Favourite Items of Pet

Make sure you stuff a lot of your pet’s favourite items of your pet along with luggage when you leave them on the boarding. This will help to keep the dog patient and stress-free. Anxious dogs generally find comfort in their belongings. 

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